Case Study

Case Studies

RTO Management System

Intelegain developed a simple and economical student/ class management system – as well as an online portal for students and employers that can manage up to more than 5000+ student profiles. The system allows student profiles record maintenance, self-enrollment for students online, thus decreasing the administrative burden on RTOs.

Insurance Claim Evaluation Platform

Intelegain developed and designed a work flow manager which incorporates a document management system to support a range of “Know your Beneficiary” (KYB) and “Know Your Provider” (KYP) fraud prevention and risk management service.

Channel Manager

Intelegain developed a hotel management solution for a leading motel referral group in the Australian accommodation industry

The solution included a property management system which enables hotels (big and small) to maintain their multiple properties and a front desk system for managing books, guest details, invoices and cancellations etc.

Vehicle Service App

Intelegain developed a door-step bike servicing platform and application which uses technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners by providing them a transparent connection with high-quality vehicle maintenance providers.

Investment Management Portal

Intelegain developed an Investment Management portal and application for a Chinese Financial Services Company to provide SMEs an advanced support system that can handle the complex multi-level marketing business structure as well as provide investment management solution for its agents.

Order Management System

Intelegain developed an advanced ERP system for simplifying supply chain operations and enabling an efficient inventory management, order processing and management solution.

Hiking/Trekking Market Place

Intelegain developed and designed a web portal which brings hiking / trekking organizers and backpackers together on one platform attracting interested travellers in registering for various outdoors activities that are listed on the website.

Real Estate Auction App

Intelegain developed the Real Estate Auction Platform as a MLS property listing website which provides respective retail buyers and tenants with properties registered by sellers, agents and builders for sale or for rent.

Point of Sale (POS)

Bringing about a transitional change to ensure efficiency in restaurant management can be challenging. Intelegain worked closely with its partner in creating a POS solution that brought about this change through effective use of technology. Learn how Intelegain helped build the tablet driven Point of Sale (POS) app for restaurants.

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