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IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be the next behemoth after the Internet. Surveys indicate it will impact almost every home and business in a big way. The concept of ‘everything is connected to everything’ through the Internet has started to become a reality. The possibilities that IoT holds at this moment are beyond one’s imagination.

Manage your devices through the Internet and Cloud at your fingertips

IoT opens up large avenues in Big Data Analytics

Connecting Customers, Business partners and Supply chains

Why is IoT significant?

IoT will enable connected “devices” send and receive data through the internet to measure characteristics of the environment the device is expected to provide.e.g Consider environmental or wearable devices connected to the internet providing temperature, humidity levels, pulse rate, light level, velocity etc. Some prominent application areas that will use IoT;

Smarter Healthcare Management

Building and Home Automation

Large scale deployment and tracking

Energy Management

Environmental Monitoring

Transportation & Fleet Management

and many more…

Intelegain is currently establishing partnerships and alliances in an attempt to stay ahead of the demand and creation IoT Solutions going forward. Connect with us in New York, Dallas & India to explore how Intelegain can help you with your idea around IoT.

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